The summit of the some Turkish members of the Union of Universities of the Caucasus Region was held in University of Tabriz

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 The Summit of Turkish University presidents, members of the union of Universities of the Caucasus Region, KUNIB, was attended by the University of Tabriz, with the participation of professor Ramadan Korkmaz, Head of the Union and  Iranian Universities presidents.

The chancellor of the University of Tabriz, Prof. Dr. Majidi speaking at a glance at the summit, welcomed the participants and stated that summit together with exhibition of the scientific, research and cultural capabilities of the Turkish members of KUNIB held in Tabriz city is a major step towards the development of bilateral relations.

Prof. Majidi, emphasized: University of Tabriz is ready for any development of scientific and educational cooperation with other universities of the world, especially with the countries of the Caucasus region.

Professor Ramadan Korkmaz, chair of the KUNIB also thanked the University of Tabriz for hosting the Summit and Saied that University of Tabriz has always been one of the leading universities in the field of scientific cooperation between Iran and Turkey. He continued, scientific interactions are now more important than science itself. He emphasized tha academic interactions should also be increased to develop bilateral relations between Iran and Turkey in different fields. In this summit, attended Universities presidents introduced their Universities and discussed on the ways of enhancement of cooperation.

In order to introduce the capabilities of attended Turkish Universities the exhibition was organized for two days in Tabriz on 19, 20 April.




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