The 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of University of Tabriz Will be Held

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The chancellor of university of Tabriz announced, the commemoration of the eighth century of higher education in Tabriz as well as the 70th anniversary of University of Tabriz establishment along with the 2018 Tabriz event will be held, reported by the Public Relations office of university of Tabriz.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Pourmohammadi, the chancellor of the University of Tabriz stated that Tabriz is an academic place where the International University of Rab-e-Rashidi was established eight hundred years ago. He continued pointing out that University of Tabriz has been actively taking the role of performing academic and scientific activities up to now and it is a very good chance to use this opportunity to introduce the capacities, background and scientific activities in the region. Furthermore, he remarked that all organizations and institutions such as: East Azarbaijan Provincial Government ,the City Council, Tabriz Municipality, East Azarbaijan  Broadcasting, and the community of the supporters and benefactors of the University and other organizations will try to support and carry out the events in the best way.

Moreover, he enumerated theaims of the ceremony focusing on the identification of the scientific, research and social capacities of the universities in the region and the country, also the involvement of other organizations and offices in introducing an active and influential role of the University of Tabriz throughout the region. Accordingly, heannounced that more than 70 programs were planned to be performed in this outstanding event by the university of  Tabriz like: organizing of the conference, publishing of various books and calendars in an appreciation of professors and  famous figures of the university, a permanent pictorial exhibition of the history of the university, issuing a memorial stamp,  gratitude of elites of the university and those who are influential in the development of  University of Tabriz specially supporters and benefactors, providing the university anthem, mintage, and also scientific & cultural exchanges with international partners ... are among these programs.

The chancellor of University of Tabriz, in another part of his speech stated the strong role of  the University of  Tabriz in an influential cooperation for the Tabriz event in 2018 covering about 17 programs out of which five will be international, four national, and eight regional. Nonetheless, the University of Tabriz in cooperation with the municipality of Tabriz has considered performing a lot of programs such as the reconstruction and preparation of the University Bilindi Observatory, Khalatposhan tower, using students and faculty staff capabilities, holding scientific research conferences on the subject of Development and the Future Prospects of Tabriz.

Finally ,organizing and holding 10 different committees including scientific, cultural, academic, welfare, transportation, and…  show the importance of this great and memorable event from university of Tabriz, the chancellor expressed.


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