The joint scientific and educational cooperation of Tabriz University with the universities of Armenia is being developed by signing a memorandum of cooperation

06 September 2022 | 09:11 Code : 18020 news & Events


According to the public relations report of Tabriz University, in the meeting of Dr. Safar Nasrollahzadeh, the chancellor of University of Tabriz, in travel to Armenia with a delegation consisting of the officials of the important and influential institutions of the province in various fields, he discussed about the ways of developing joint cooperation with the presidents of several universities of this country. Scientific and educational of Tabriz University was examined with the public universities of Yerevan, Slavonia and Brusov in Armenia.

Dr. Nasrollazadeh met with the president of Yerevan State University, which was held in the presence of Seyed Hossein Tabatabai, the cultural advisor of our country in Armenia.

The president of University of Tabriz also visited Yerevan State University while attending the Iranology center of this university and learned about the activities of this center.

Dr. Nasrollahzadeh attended the University of Slavonia and met and talked with Armen Darbinian, the president of this university. They examined the fields of joint scientific and educational cooperation.

Also, in another part of this trip, Dr. Nasrollahzadeh visited the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia and met with Robert Kazarian, the head of this institute, and discussed and exchanged views on bilateral cooperation.
The president of  University of Tabriz in the Academy of Sciences participated and gave a speech at the opening of the Iran Room in the Institute of Oriental Studies of this academy

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