The Recent Success of University of Tabriz

12 October 2021 | 08:50 Code : 14847 news & Events

in Achieving the Third Top Place among Comprehensive
  Universities of Iran in year 2021
         According to the annual evaluation, done by the Center for Scientific and International Cooperation of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT), regarding the international scientific activities of universities and research centers; it’s our pleasure to announce that this year the University of Tabriz with an upward trend, achieved the fifth top place among country's best universities and the third top place among comprehensive top universities of the I. R. of Iran.  
        Dr. Saeid Shojaei, the Director of International & Academic Cooperation Directorate of University announced that, the process of evaluation has being done meticulously every year by this Center and based on the analyzing of the authenticity of the uploaded information received by universities, or other educational and scientific institutions.  
       According to him, the following activities are among the most important factors in the evaluation process:
• Holding Virtual Meetings with International Professors and Researchers
 (Seminars, Conferences, Meetings, Classes…),  
• The Number of Joint International Research Projects,
•  The Total Amount of Received International Grants (Thousands of Dollars),
•  The Number of International Students,  
• The Number of Joint or Dual Educational Programs,  
• The Number and Length of Sabbatical Opportunities for International Postdoctoral Researchers and Foreign Faculty Staff Members,  
• The Number of Joint Papers based on WOS,  
• Ranking among Prestigious Universities of the World based on ISC Evaluation,
• & Other Criteria as well,  
          Dr. Shojaei, added that, in this assessment process by the Center for Scientific and International Cooperation of MSRT, University of Tabriz by holding 80 virtual scientific events ranked sixth, by implementing 62 joint research projects with foreign researchers ranked second, by raising more than 700 thousand dollars of international grants ranked ninth, by having more than eleven hundreds of overseas students and admission of 787 foreign students only this year ranked sixth place, by holding 2 joint educational programs ranked third, by granting 6 sabbatical opportunities to international postdoctoral researchers and foreign faculty staff members ranked third, by the publication of 1026 joint papers based on WOS 2020 ranked second and by its status  901-1000 among best universities of the world, based on the evaluation of ISC ranked fourth in the country.
It should be noted that based on this international scientific evaluation, Iran University of Science and Technology, University of Tehran, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Sharif University of Technology have won the first to fourth places, respectively.
He expressed his hope that by reorganizing and streamlining the procedures of scientific and international cooperation at this directorate and by actively creating new opportunities, University of Tabriz will reach to its pivotal role as a leading international university and as the hub of scientific and cultural excellence in the region.


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