Meeting of a delegation of Ataturk University of Erzurum with the Board of Directors of University of Tabriz

30 November 2019 | 09:00 Code : 10731 news


A delegation from Ataturk University of Erzurum met with the university's board of directors to investigate how to operationalize agreements upon a recent trip by the delegation of University of Tabriz to Eastern Turkish Universities.
According to the Public Relations Department of University of Tabriz, to investigate how to operationalize agreements upon a recent trip by the delegation of University of Tabriz to Eastern Turkish Universities, a delegation from Ataturk University of Erzurum, including heads of scientific and health departments, Engineering and Architecture Faculties, the center for Applied Research and Advanced Technology of East Anatolia, Technology Transfer Bureau and Director of International Cooperation at Ataturk University with presence at university of Tabriz, met the university's board of directors.
The head of University of Tabriz, Dr. Mirreza Majidi, welcomed members of the delegation from Ataturk University of Erzurum, while introducing some of the potentials of the university in various fields, as well as recent efforts to develop international scientific cooperation with universities and institutes of Turkey, and said: University of Tabriz, as one of the country's top comprehensive universities, is ready to further develop cooperation with Turkish universities, including Ataturk University.
In another part of his remarks, by mentioning the national responsibility of University of Tabriz for expanding scientific cooperation with Turkey, referred to the operationalization of supporting the joint research projects of Iran and Turkey by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and Tobitak, and called for the further expansion of international cooperation between the two countries.
Dr. Ayhan Chilik, Vice-Chancellor of Ataturk University, also appreciated University of Tabriz for hosting and providing the opportunity to get acquainted with major universities of Tabriz, and while introducing Ataturk University, referred to its long-standing relationship with University of Tabriz and presence of talented Iranian students there and also about the possibility of developing these cooperation.
Also at the meeting, Deputy Health Coordinator, Dr. Fuat Gun Doogu, Director of International Cooperation, Tashkin Oztash, head of the Anatolian Center for Applied Research, Hamdollah Gilich, and Dr. Hekmat Alton, head of the Faculty of Engineering, in separate speeches presented different sections of their university.
At the meeting, Dr. Oztash referred to launching two-degree and joint courses and Dr. Gilich also discussed about utilization of the advanced facilities of Anatolian Research Institute as one of the three equipped research centers in Turkey by faculty members of University of Tabriz in the form of joint student and scientific projects.
Dr. Asgari, Vice-Chancellor of Research and Technology at the University of Tabriz, also highlighted the importance of two-degree and joint graduate courses, as well as joint dissertation guides, and called for codifying principles for sharing laboratory facilities. Also Dr. Alami, Deputy Director of Support and Human Resources of University of Tabriz, welcoming the delegation's visit plans, called for the entry into operationalization of the Memorandum of Understanding.
Dr. Tohidi, Cultural Deputy of University of Tabriz, also referred to the cultural event organized by Student Scientific Associations at Ataturk University in previous years, announcing the university's readiness to hold joint student cultural events, followed by Dr. Shojaei, Director of Scientific and International Cooperation at the university, referring to the history of Ataturk University as Turkey's largest Eastern University, he mentioned sending of faculty members of Persian Literature of University of Tabriz to teach in Ataturk University's Persian Literature Department in the near future and suggested the design of a system to enhance collaboration and operationalize the proposed agreements.
According to the same report, the delegation of Ataturk University visited various departments of the university, including the laboratory of mechanical engineering department and the central laboratory. The delegation visited other universities, including Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz Islamic Arts University and University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, during a four-day stay in Iran in accordance with University of Tabriz.


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