President of University of Tabriz announced completion of receiving stage of Iran-Turkey joint research projects

30 November 2019 | 08:54 Code : 10729 news & Events


Dr. Mirreza Majidi, president of University of Tabriz, announced the completion of receiving stage and initial monitoring of Iran-Turkey research projects by the Secretariat of Scientific Cooperation of Iran-Turkey at University of Tabriz.
According to Public Relations Department of University of Tabriz, Dr. Majidi by referring to the actions taken by University of Tabriz as the head of Scientific Cooperation Working Group of Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Turkey, added: More than 150 research projects jointly with researchers at universities and research institutes of Turkey have been prepared and loaded into the special system for receiving these projects and their initial monitoring is completed.
He added: Due to the national responsibility of University of Tabriz for the expansion of scientific cooperation between Iran and Turkey, given by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, it has launched a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry and the Science and Technology Council of Turkey, Tobitak, and hosted a meeting to discuss how to support these projects, with Tobitak's president, Dr. Hassan Mandal, and Deputy Minister of International Affairs, Dr. Salar Amoli convening in March 2019, which resulted in an agreement on how to support selected projects and call for joint projects from July 2019, as well as identifying research topics.
The head of University of Tabriz said: In this regard, it was decided to set up joint research projects in the fields of energy, cognitive sciences, engineering sciences, materials and information and communication technology with determining sub-categories, and a detailed format for writing the projects should also be set up with collaboration of International Cooperation Managements of University of Tabriz and Tobitak.
He noted: The process of assessing projects by the Iranian committee, which consist of experts and faculty members of the whole country, and Tobitak will assess the projects by its own committee and ultimately the projects with the highest points will be chosen from both sides.
Dr. Majidi expressed hope at the end that due to the good potential of scientific cooperation with Turkey and Tobitak's willingness to maximally support joint research projects with Iran, appropriate funding would be provided by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to increase the number of selected projects and further strengthen these partnerships.

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