The 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of University of Tabriz was Held

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The commemoration of the eighth century of higher education in Tabriz as well as the 70th anniversary of University of Tabriz establishment along with the 2018 Tabriz event was held on 27 -28 Agust.2018, reported by the Public Relations office of university of Tabriz.

This event was held in the presence of University of Tabriz staffs, Country and provincial officials, international professors and ambassadors, representatives of the world's major academic unions and outstanding academicians from Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Institutions such as: East Azerbaijan Provincial Government ,the City Council, Tabriz Municipality, East Azarbaijan  Broadcasting, and the community of the supporters and benefactors of the University and other organizations carried out the event in the best way.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Pourmohammadi, the chancellor of the University of Tabriz stated at the opening of this important event: Tabriz is an academic place where the International University of Rab-e-Rashidi was established eight hundred years ago. He continued pointing out that University of Tabriz has been actively taking the role of performing academic and scientific activities up to now. Pourmohammadi remarked: In 2016 and 2017, this university has been selected as one of the most influential universities in the world and is candidate as top University among 200 international university.

 Deputy Minister, President of the Organization for State Education Assessment Dr. Khodaee  was the second speaker. he stated:"we are grateful to the officials of Tabriz University  for upgrading the University's Seventy-Century Legacy.he mentioned University of Tabriz as a second oldest university in the country has taken great steps towards the development of higher Education .

In the following, the representative of the Supreme leader in East Azerbaijan and the governor of  East Azerbaijan with emphasis on the important role of the university in promoting education, culture  and entrepreneurship development delivered their speeches.

Professor Giorgio MARINONI, representative of the International Association of Universities (IAU) was the other prominent spokesman of this anniversary. He emphasized on the important role of University of Tabriz in Iran's universities in the development of higher education and continued:

"Tabriz University is a Founding Member of IAU and is also the ‘oldest’ Member of IAU from among Iranian Member Universities; it has contributed to the work of the association ever since it was created and has been long represented on the association’s Administrative Board. Honorable Chancellor Prof. Mohammad Reza Pourmohammadi is presently a Deputy Board Member of the Administrative Board of IAU. We much appreciate the contributions he makes to the life and work of the Association, including recently, the development of the IAU strategic plan and a contribution to the IAU Priority action area of work: Technology in Higher Education"

He continued his speech with a brief overview of the history of the IAU.the representative of IAU emphasized that the Motto and Mission of  IAU is to be representative and influential global association of divers higher education institution and their organizations, promoting and advancing a dynamic leadership role for higher education in society.

He enumerated core values among IAU Members and the wider higher education community including:

* Academic freedom, institutional autonomy and social responsibility locally and globally

* Cooperation and solidarity based on mutuality of interests and shared benefits

*Tolerance of divergent opinions, freedom from political interference

* Equity in access and success in higher education and open access to knowledge

* Scientific integrity and ethical behaviour as cornerstones of conduct for all stakeholders in higher education

* Higher education and research in the public interest

* Quality in learning, research and outreach

MARINONI concluded that for the next 70 years and even for the next eight centuries, the University of Tabriz will be a key factor in the development of higher education in Iran and abroad and will continue to contribute to the pursuit of knowledge and the betterment of society.

Assistant and Consultant  of Supreme Commander-in-Chief General Rahim Safavi, prof Mahmood Navali, retired  Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Prof  seyyed Ahmad Reza Khezri Advisor to the President of Tehran University presented their speeches Respectively.

Prof. Isa Habib Beglu, Deputy of the Academy of Sciences of Baku, Professor Ramadan Korkmaz, head of the association of Caucasian Universities, Abil Moharramov, Head of the State University of Baku,  were other foreign guests that presented speech at this ceremony.

in this outstanding event , several other programs was performed like issuing a memorial stamp,  gratitude of elites of the university and those who are influential in the development of  University of Tabriz specially supporters and benefactors, performance of  the university anthem, mintage.

 also scientific & cultural exchanges and signing Memorandum of Cooperation  with international partners  are among these programs.

A permanent pictorial exhibition of the history of the university was held on the sidelines of this event .






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