A Number of International Students Graduated from University of Tabriz

18 March 2018 | 11:39 Code : 6899 image news


      At a special ceremony, a group of non-Iranian students graduated from the University of Tabriz and received their graduation certificates. The Chancellor of University of Tabriz at this ceremony stated that the development of scientific cooperation with the world's universities is one of the main strategic plans of the university.  The exchange of professors and students, the implementation of joint research projects and also scientific, cultural and social programs with universities in the world, especially the region and the Islamic world, are priorities of the University of Tabriz for the improvement of international cooperation development. The Public Relations of University of Tabriz reported.

The chancellor of university of Tabriz, Professor Pourmohammadi added, the existence of cultural and religious commonalities among the countries of the region, especially the countries of the Islamic world, has provided an appropriate capacity for the development of scientific and educational cooperation amid the universities of these countries, which should benefit from this potential for the development of mutual cooperation.

He further emphasized that, nowadays scientific diplomacy in comparison with other ones like political, economic and cultural is the best way to develop cooperation. Fortunately, University of Tabriz is one of the universities selected by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology to be very active at an international level, therefore, admitting non-Iranian students will possibly fulfill this purpose. Moreover, he addressed to non-Iranian students that you are our ambassadors and you should convey this message to your countrymen that Iran is a country filled with security, peace and safety in the world.

       Dr. Emamalipour as a vice chancellor for student affairs presented a report on the process of student admission and welfare measures & services for non-Iranian students adding that currently 63 non-Iranian students from 13 countries, including Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Tajikistan, Senegal, Uganda, and Nigeria are busy studying at this university. In this vein, he remarked that it is our pleasure to inform that six of these students graduated in computer science and agricultural engineering.     

Establishing a non-Iranian Student Affairs Office, Strategic Council for non-Iranian Students, improving service and welfare facilities, holding of sports competitions, and the establishment of Persian language for the students are the recent actions taken by vice chancellor for student affairs. It should be noted that six non-Iranian graduates received their graduation certificates in the first semester of 96-97 academic year.




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