More than 30 countries will take part in commemoration ceremony of non-Iranian graduates and students at the University of Tabriz

03 July 2017 | 09:36 Code : 6051 image news


 The fifteenth commemoration ceremony of non-Iranian graduates and the tenth festival of culture of nations of non-Iranian students will be held with students from more than 30 foreign countries in the presence of national and provincial officials from 5 to 7 July 2017 at the University of Tabriz.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Hosseinzadeh, vice-chancellor for social and cultural affairs pointed out that the festivals and ceremonies are to promote international scientific and cultural collaborations, reported by the public relation office of the University of Tabriz.

He also reiterated that foreign students are delegates of the country where they study and if they experience pleasing memories, they will play a great role in expanding as well as promoting the culture, civilization and religion of the country where they have been to.

Moreover, he  noted that an exhibition will be held at same time about  the history, culture, handicrafts, and traditional foods of the countries in El Golly Park for three days, which could be a primary step to the program" Tabriz, the capital of Tourism of Islamic Countries". It will provide an opportunity for better understanding of Tabriz and East Azerbaijan internationally.

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology along with the University of Tabriz are the organizers and the Govern ate of East Azerbaijan, Tabriz Municipality, Director of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Industry of the province and also Tabriz Secretariat 2018 will support this ceremony.

According to the public relation office of the University of Tabriz, 52,000 foreign students are currently studying at Iranian universities.

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